This page will be used to gather and note resources and ideas for the new national curriculum for art.

There is something called the Expert Subject Advisory Group for art and design. I am on it so should decleare an interest. There is a website which also contains links and information.

Guidance for Assessment, Planning and Recording

A small group was set up by NSEAD to consider a response to the new national curriculum, the withdrawal of national levels and the expectation that schools will be free to develop their own systems for assessing, monitoring and recording progress. This has resulted in two guidance papers, one for secondary and one for primary. They both draw on the same principles but have been written for different audiences and contexts. The papers show how the aims of the new curriculum provide the underlying conceptual framework for assessment, planning and recording progress. They provide clear advice and planning and recording templates for schools to use and adapt.



Art Express is a complete primary art curriculum and programme of study for years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. There is a book for each year which includes a scheme for Drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, collage and textiles, digital media. It includes detailed lesson plans, including learning objectives, notes on differentiation and assessment for learning.

The lesson plans are built upon the main aims of the new national curriculum and reflect the requirement to develop increased technical mastery. All units of work are illustrated with the work of artists and that of children who had followed the programme, which was trialled in classrooms to ensure that proposals were well grounded and appropriate for the age range.

Each book contains a CD with further resources, images, plans and assessment frameworks. It also contains a software programme that allows schools to create a virtual art gallery to display pupils’ work.

Paul Carney has a large number of very useful and practical resources for primary art on his website. Paul is an experienced artist, designer and primary teacher and his resources are grounded in his own practice in the classroom. These ideas always inspire and challenge.

NSEAD The National Society for Education in Art and Design website provides a huge repository of resources for members, but there is also a great deal there for non-members. The NSEAD will continue to support the new curriculum for art and design by developing new materials and resources as the curriculum evolves.

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