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This page contains links to the resources and materials referred to in a professional development course for teachers. The course explored some of the practical implications of the new curriculum. It covered: 1. Changes and implications; 2. Sketchbooks and Drawing; 3. Paint and Painting; 4. Creativity; 5. Engaging with Art.

 1. Changes and Implications

We talked about the fact that at heart there is not a significant change that demands change. There is greater freedom and an opportunity to think of a curriculum model that is not predicated upon the QCA model of a termly unit leading to a prescribed outcome. Here is a brief summary of the significant changes and implications. CPD Handout Art

2. Sketchbooks and Drawing

SKETCHBOOKS: We talked about the role of sketchbooks at the heart of learning in all aspects of art, craft and design. We recognised that sketchbooks have many different forms and function and that they are not simply a book of plain paper in which children make a few sketches. Click here for the Powerpoint presentation about sketchbooks, or click here for a PDF of the presentation. However, this does not contain the presenter notes, just the slides.

There are examples of artist Paul Ryan’s sketchbooks here and further examples on flickr here.

The Open College for the Arts has published this interview about the value of sketchbooks and drawing with Eileen Adams who has led the Campaign for Drawing and is a passionate advocate of drawing and the role of sketchbooks in learning.

DRAWING: We talked about the significance of drawing as a core skill in thinking, expressing and acting in a wide variety of learning contexts. Click here for the Powerpoint presentation about drawing, or click here for a PDF of the presentation. This doesn’t contain the presenters notes, however, just the slides.

The Big Picture website provides a very valuable and interesting source of ideas and information about drawing.

The Campaign for Drawing website provides case studies on learning through drawing.

The Big Draw website provides information about how to get involved in drawing events.

TEA, Drawing as Thinking, Expression and Action. Projects and resources for drawing.

There is an interesting archive of drawing by Bucks students published on the Flickr website. These are mostly by 6th form students and include sketchbook pages.


3. Paint and Painting

We talked about the significance of providing, not only the right colours (the double primary system), but also of understanding the mechanics so that children can mix and use paint well. Here is the extended Powerpoint which provides guidance on managing colour and paint. doubleprimary

4. Creativity

We talked about the nature of creativity and of the implications of supporting imagination and provoking originality. Click here for the Powerpoint presentation on creativity, and click here for the PDF. However, this does not contain the presenters notes.

There is further guidance on creativity on the ‘Creativity‘ pages on this site (see tabs above).

5. Engaging with Art

We explored ways to hold childrens’ attention and helping them to look closely before inviting comments and responses. We noted the importance of managing the discussion using the headings Form, Content, Process, Mood which was originally developed by Rod Taylor art adviser in Wigan.  Here is the Powerpoint presentation Reading Pictures 2012 about ways to help children engage with works of art. Here is the paper (pdf) version Reading Pictures 2012.

There is more information about working with artists in the Resources section of this website.

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