This page contains some resources and ideas drawn from Ofsted practice through to September 2014 when a new Ofsted framework was published.

Departmental Criteria Grid (Ofsted 2012)

Click here for a criteria grid using Ofsted + HMI art specific criteria that could be used to review practice in art departments. This was developed in September 2012 from the new Ofsted framework which was then combined with the last published HMI art specific criteria.  It uses the criteria Ofsted now uses to judge schools on Achievement, Teaching, Curriculum and Leadership and seeks to apply this to a department. Obviously there are some discrepancies judgments about schools sometimes relate to consistency of practice across the whole school and this is less significant when considering the work of a single department. However, this does provide a reasonable checklist for an art department seeking to reflect on strengths and weaknesses and the contribution it might make to Ofsted judgments about the school.

Achievement, Teaching, Behaviour, Leadership.

These are the key judgements made by Ofsted. Click for separate criteria grids for Achievement, Teaching, Behaviour and Leadership which have been developed from the Ofsted 2012 framework. The sheets suggest where evidence might be found. But they should not be used as lesson observation checklists – although no doubt some schools will want to use them as such.

HMI Subject Visits

Click here for the subject specific criteria used by HMI while making a subject visit. These were used to contribute to the above grid but were adapted to make a better fit to the generic criteria. These subject visits have now been abandoned by Ofsted which means that Ofsted no longer is able to monitor and report on the work of the subject.

Good practice
Click here for a link to 12 examples of good practice published by Ofsted in January 2015. They are drawn from both primary and secondary schools.


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