NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design) home page gives access to a range of resources from the subject association for art and design (including the most comprehensive Health and Safety in Art Guidelines ever produced).

NSEAD Facebook Forum provides a forum which provides up to the minute updates about news and events and also provides an opportunity to comment and share ideas.

The TES provides a forum for art and design teachers and this is often interesting as a source of debate and ideas. The TES also provides a variety of online resources which can be useful.

Twitter does provide instant responses to emerging issues. Often it is banal and self regarding but it also provides an extra-ordinarily rich, if undisciplined, source of links and references. It seems almost inextricably bound up with Facebook.

Flickr has been used to publish pictures of students’ artwork from Bucks schools since 2002. has been used to save, organise and publish links to a wide variety of web links that are useful to teachers of art and design and who have an interest in creativity.

Edexcel provides useful community pages for art and design teachers.

The Cultural Learning Alliance supports cultural learning opportunities for children.

The Students’ Art Guide is a helpful resource site giving examples and advice about art at 6th form level.

There are still many resources published over the years on the Bucks Grid for Learning. Go to the art pages on

Ged Gast is a friend and highly experienced art adviser. Click here for his blog.

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