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Bucks Grid for Learning has an Art section with a variety of useful resources, references and links to support teaching and learning in art and design.

The NSEAD website  (National Association for Education in Art and Design) also contains many resources and a Facebook forum which is useful for current issues.

NSEAD+ NADFAS+Campaign for Drawing have produced a really excellent site packed with resources and ideas for drawing. ‘Drawing as Thinking, Expression and Action‘ explores the role and purpose of drawing in education and contains ideas and examples developed by teachers together with resources to support teaching and learning. Lively and inspirational click here.

Presentations, Guidelines and Ideas.

Some resources, or links to resources, that I have developed are published below. These will be added to and I will take the opportunity to re-engineer presentations for publishing on the web.

Looking at art with children. Click here for a short online presentation (using Adobe Connect) about how to hold childrens attention and structure the discussion about works of art. It uses the ‘form, content, process, mood’ headings developed by Rod Taylor and Drumcroon.

Why FFT data should not be used unquestioningly. This is a presentation which seeks to demystify Fischer Family Trust data and explain why it can be useful but should not be used on its own to set targets. I would recommend it for any art teacher wrestling with imposed FFT GCSE targets.  It was originally published as a quick online presentation here. The presentation below has been reworked and republished using ISSUU (which is free). Alternatively click here to download a Powerpoint slide show, or get it as a PDF here Using FFT to set GCSE art targets for students


Display in Schools: This is a presentation about good display. It shows some simple rules that will help ensure display is well presented and contributes to the learning environment. This is also an opportunity to experiment with ‘Slideshare’.

Display in Primary School


Here is a paper to support the process of applying for and recruiting to, secondary art jobs. It will be useful for teachers applying for jobs and for subject leaders involved in recruitment. It descibes the process o are thinking.f recruitment and offers advice about some of the key issues. Teachers applying for posts will find it helpful to see the process from the recruiters perspective.

View more presentations from danchina.


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