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From 2007 – 2011 I took pictures of some of the outstanding A Level work that I saw in schools and I have published them online using Flickr. It is not a comprehensive record as it consists of work I liked and that I was able to photograph easily: but it does represent some of the best things that were done by students in Bucks schools at this time. There are pictures of about 750 students’ pieces of work. The work is searchable (tags) by date and media and there are tags for sketchbooks and drawings as well. (Irritatingly I appear to have lost control of this flickr site and there are some rather tedious ads being placed on it. Much of the work appears to be there, but I am in the process of sorting and uploading these images as galleries on this site.

Here is work from 2000 to 2006 click here. Here is work from 2007. Here is work from 2008. Here is work from 2009.)

I have also made short videos of some of the A level art exhibitions I have visited over the last couple of years. These are embedded in blog posts alongside a commentary and can be found by searching under ‘6th form art‘ in the column on the right. However, the videos can be accessed directly by following these links to YouTube and Vimeo.

Other good online exhibitions of students’ work can be found on the Saatchi website and at the RA schools website.

The Students’ Art Guide is a really good website with examples of students’ artwork plus information, examples and advice for (A Level) students. This is useful for students and teachers.

PS click here for a link to an old set of examples of KS3 work assessed into levels. The web pages were set up in 2003 as a set of examples of levels following a KS3 group moderation meeting. I found them by accident following an old link and am surprised they were still there I have long since abandoned that site. Interesting to see the sort of work that was being done then.

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