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Dan is currently working for the Institute of Education (UCL) on a project to support the emerging curriculum in Kazakhstan (begining Sept 2015). He is also currently a member of the DfE Expert Group for Art and Design and contributes to the NSEAD Curriculum Development Group

Dan was Area Manager (senior adviser) in Buckinghamshire LA until June 2011. He was  also adviser for art and design (and creativity) from 1994. This website provides support for these areas of the curriculum and celebrates the work of teachers and students in Buckinghamshire schools.

Dan has also been an Ofsted inspector, Chief Moderator/Examiner, the Chair of A4 (National Art Advisers’ Association, now merged with NSEAD) and has worked on curriculum and assessment development with QCDA, as a consultant for many years. In this capacity he has worked on all iterations of the National Curriculum for Art in all key stages, including the QCDA APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) programme. He has also worked on revisions to GCE and GCSE examinations and national curriculum assessment strategies and materials.

He contributed to the publication Arts Express as a member of the editorial board.

Dan learned about teaching art from colleagues and students at Hurstmere school in the London Borough of Bexley where he began his teaching career in 1970. As an Advisory Teacher in Bexley he was priviledged to work with other art (and arts) teachers, different arts agencies and artists. He will be eternally grateful to all those he met and worked with at this time of creative sharing and innovation before the national curriculum and inspection began to close in on us.

He sustains his enthusiasm for creativity, innovation and new technologies in education. Facebook Twitter

(email contact at dan’at‘danchina.net)

P.S. There has been a website for Bucks art teachers since 2003 at least (before the county council had its own website). Surprisingly the earlier one is still online albeit a bit clunky. For the curious here is a link to the index page. .http://website.lineone.net/~danchina/indexleft1.htm

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  1. elizabeth stratton says:

    As I head happily to retirement at Xmas ,I am musing on a long and happy career in Bexley and found myself being nostalgic for the Art teacher conferences organised by the witty and ever insightful Mr China ! So just to touch base and say thank you -as I am sure that your passion for Art Education had a major impact on my sustained enthusiasm and determination over 36 years ;Cheers Dan ! Liz Stratton

    • Dan says:

      Hi Liz, How nice to hear from you and thanks for your very kind comments. I also look back on those conferences as being personally and professionally important. It was a time when art teachers could meet and share things that we cared about. Ever since I have been convinced that we learn best from our peers and that breakfast is an invaluable aspect of CPD.
      It is good to hear from old friends in Bexley and I do wish you well in retirement.
      Best wishes

  2. Amiria says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am an artist and art teacher from Auckland, New Zealand. I write a blog to help high school art students. I have just added a link to your Flickr photostream and website etc on my blog post about recommended art education sites. I have also included one of the superb works (again with a link to your Flickr profile) on a blog post about A Level Art ideas.
    Please let me know if you are not happy with the use of these images in any way and I will remove immediately. 🙂
    Best wishes

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