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Guidance and writing about assessment in art and design in all key stages and in external examinations.

Sketchbooks: a view from art school

Art Foundation Diploma tutors at Loughborough University have produced a really interesting report describing the way they encourage students to use sketchbooks. It is also a critique of the way that they feel sketchbooks are used in schools. Their expectations … Continue reading

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Giving ourselves permission

It was good to attend what became the inaugural meeting of a new art teachers network group based in Bucks (BATN I think). The best point of the evening was made by Marc who said that an important feature of … Continue reading

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The testing industries

Sir Ken Robinson – The Education Economy from Graham Brown-Martin on Vimeo. Its good to be reminded that much of what we take for granted is driven by external vested interests and this can distort the discussion.

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OK so ‘he’ has gone, but you still may need a policy.

This is just to note that I have been working with Art Express publishers this year to develop a (copyright free) draft policy that enables users of Art Express to simply and easily incorporate the whole Art Express programme into … Continue reading

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Fat Free Assessment

We finished an Assessment and Planning Framework for NSEAD last month. Actually there were two, one for primary and one for secondary. The primary one can be downloaded here Art Craft and Design Assessment and Planning KS 1&2 or from the NSEAD … Continue reading

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Ofsted fall out

The announcement that full Ofsted inspections will not be required for all good and better schools (the majority) is interesting. It may change some assumptions about the invisible ley lines which exert influence on future practice. It had seemed (to … Continue reading

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Some sensible ideas about assessment.

The NAHT have published a report about what should be done now about assessment which is eminently sensible. This NAHT Assessment Report is worth reading as it contains balanced advice based upon well grounded principles. There is also a helpful summary of … Continue reading

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Degrees of Loveliness

This is another of the ‘thinking out loud’ series about assessment without levels, exploring the idea of assessment based on internally defined measures of progress, rather than externally defined measures of achievement (national standards-levels). A conversation the other day led … Continue reading

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Remember these?

It is an OHP (Overhead Projector) slide: we used to use them before Powerpoint was invented. I found it while clearing out the other day. The technology might be a thing of the past, but the message isn’t.

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Sketchy assessment

Idle speculation, or idly speculating led to this sketch. Being a visual learner i was trying to work out patterns and purposes of assessment, and it occurred to me that it would be good if we could create an assessment … Continue reading

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