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Academies, Art Express and Abebooks

The government is set to announce the academization of every school. This means the national curriculum, certainly for all but English and Maths, is no longer compulsory. It also means, perhaps more significantly for teachers, that national conditions of service … Continue reading

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Tim Oates on the curriculum and assessment

Tim Oates talks with quiet authority about how the new national curriculum came to be and how ideas about assessment have changed. He explains how the honourable intentions of the TGAT report (Professor Black) became corrupted. However, it is clear … Continue reading

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Playing with ebooks

Just stumbled upon this interesting post about ebooks for children on  (  Really just using this post to park the information until I have time to play. Story Bird widely used story maker website. It has great templates picture bank. … Continue reading

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Sharing good practice is always worth doing.

In January OFSTED published a set of papers sharing examples of good practice in art teaching. There are 12 case studies in all and they include building professional practice into GCE ‘A’ level courses, developing drawing, inspiring creativity and developing … Continue reading

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Students always…

Students always make you think and usually about important things. It was really interesting to be invited to talk to students on a PGCE course last week. It was impossible to avoid taking a sideways look at changes since I … Continue reading

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Networks again

it was always the case that we learn best from our peers, which is why networks are so important. It was good to join SEAD network meeting recently. These meetings are so very different to normal CPD where the dynamics … Continue reading

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OK so ‘he’ has gone, but you still may need a policy.

This is just to note that I have been working with Art Express publishers this year to develop a (copyright free) draft policy that enables users of Art Express to simply and easily incorporate the whole Art Express programme into … Continue reading

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Fat Free Assessment

We finished an Assessment and Planning Framework for NSEAD last month. Actually there were two, one for primary and one for secondary. The primary one can be downloaded here Art Craft and Design Assessment and Planning KS 1&2 or from the NSEAD … Continue reading

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Ofsted fall out

The announcement that full Ofsted inspections will not be required for all good and better schools (the majority) is interesting. It may change some assumptions about the invisible ley lines which exert influence on future practice. It had seemed (to … Continue reading

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Good to work with subject leaders again

It was good to work with primary subject leaders again (see course notes). It reminded me of how different schools are and how important it is to keep an open mind. Some experienced and confident subject leaders will clearly relish … Continue reading

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