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From the horses mouth.

The recently published report of the Commission on Assessment Without Levels is interesting and probably important for our subject. Some of it consists of statements of the blindingly obvious. But in view of the fact that many schools are blindly … Continue reading

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Sharing good practice is always worth doing.

In January OFSTED published a set of papers sharing examples of good practice in art teaching. There are 12 case studies in all and they include building professional practice into GCE ‘A’ level courses, developing drawing, inspiring creativity and developing … Continue reading

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The testing industries

Sir Ken Robinson – The Education Economy from Graham Brown-Martin on Vimeo. Its good to be reminded that much of what we take for granted is driven by external vested interests and this can distort the discussion.

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OK so ‘he’ has gone, but you still may need a policy.

This is just to note that I have been working with Art Express publishers this year to develop a (copyright free) draft policy that enables users of Art Express to simply and easily incorporate the whole Art Express programme into … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Boxes

I worry that there may be no way back now, at least in secondary schools. It seems that, at every level, and in every circumstance, the only response is to create a box to tick. Talking to friends yesterday there … Continue reading

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Ofsted fall out

The announcement that full Ofsted inspections will not be required for all good and better schools (the majority) is interesting. It may change some assumptions about the invisible ley lines which exert influence on future practice. It had seemed (to … Continue reading

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Remember these?

It is an OHP (Overhead Projector) slide: we used to use them before Powerpoint was invented. I found it while clearing out the other day. The technology might be a thing of the past, but the message isn’t.

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Should we measure internally defined progress, or externally defined standards?

NFER have published a really interesting (short) paper on assessment in the light of the demise of levels, and the rise of norm referenced assessment in core subjects. The recent DfE consultation on assessment and the Ofsted framework both suggest … Continue reading

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Choosing your brick wall

I have been exploring an issue with a friend recently. It is to do with how we respond to the demands by Ofsted and schools for 4 levels of progress through KS3 and beyond. The problem for me is not … Continue reading

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Making a Mark: with luck.

I am just reading Making a Mark (HMI March 2012) which is the latest report about art education in England by my old friend and colleague Ian (otherwise known as HMI). Click here for a copy. It is so overwhelmingly sensible … Continue reading

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