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Degrees of Loveliness

This is another of the ‘thinking out loud’ series about assessment without levels, exploring the idea of assessment based on internally defined measures of progress, rather than externally defined measures of achievement (national standards-levels). A conversation the other day led … Continue reading

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Remember these?

It is an OHP (Overhead Projector) slide: we used to use them before Powerpoint was invented. I found it while clearing out the other day. The technology might be a thing of the past, but the message isn’t.

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Sketching a new model

The more I think about it, the more I feel that potentially the most significant feature of the new curriculum is that it could mark the demise of the, worthy but ultimately flawed, QCA Units. I’ve written more on the … Continue reading

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Should we measure internally defined progress, or externally defined standards?

NFER have published a really interesting (short) paper on assessment in the light of the demise of levels, and the rise of norm referenced assessment in core subjects. The recent DfE consultation on assessment and the Ofsted framework both suggest … Continue reading

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The uncomfortable average

I have been discussing assessment in the new landscape devoid of levels. It seems to me important that we endeavour to preserve assessment information by reporting on a profile rather than loose assessment information by aggregating it into a single … Continue reading

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#artnatcurricKS1 #artnatcurricKS2

I was preparing a talk for some headteachers and thinking about the bottom line, the minimum entitlement, the art programme of study in a nutshell. It was hard to find the minimum prescribed content and idle speculation led to wondering … Continue reading

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Recommendations from the Parliamentary Committe for

This is from the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee report called ‘Supporting the creative economy’ . It recommends that creative subjects are included in the ebac – good for them. Education, skills and training 31. The broader … Continue reading

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A Brief Briefing

OK the new art curriculum is out now. The aims retain the core principles that have informed all previous versions – there is a continuity of underlying practice and principle. Children will continue to develop ideas, develop skills and make … Continue reading

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If we really must

A measured response If we really must engage with the new national curriculum perhaps a final response needs to be less of a rant and more measured. I contributed to one LAs response trying to be professional rather than indignant … Continue reading

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