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Handmade Hockney

Listening to the radio and David Hockney talking about his forthcoming exhibition at the RA. Interesting to hear him talk about his ipad drawings as simply a different medium – uniquely good for some things, but not a panacea. He … Continue reading

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Click and Create

Virtually attending a webinar about new media, creativity and art kidnapping was a fascinating experience. This was the webinar for the Click and Create conference (the conference has been postponed and will be rescheduled next year). The two speakers illuminated, … Continue reading

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Holmer Green: photography and photographers

This is another art department where Photography is a developing option choice for students. The video gives a quick sense of the nature of the research done by these students for this course. You can see how one student has … Continue reading

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Chalfonts Community College: art and the art of games

This is always an exciting exhibition – partly because it is an event: prizes are given, students are celebrated, teachers are thanked. The fine art work always has a delightfully creative and idiosyncratic approach to coursework and special studies – … Continue reading

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Waddesdon Style

I don’t know what it is but there is an almost innate sense of style and confidence in the graphics and photography in this art department. It has been there for years and I am sure it is passed on … Continue reading

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Astonished again

I remember the awe and wonder inspired by one of the first computers in my art room (30 years ago?) An Apple ll with colour. It replaced an Archimedes and an earlier beige monochrome Apple. For a while we had … Continue reading

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Slightly smug

It took a while but finally migrated my blog to my own webspace having mastered ftp and manually uploaded WordPress. Writing this on my new smartphone and feeling slightly smug.

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A ‘virtual gallery’ to support art and other things

Last year I was involved in an advisory capacity with a new publication for art and design teachers in Key Stages 1 and 2. I think this is an excellent resource containing programmes of study for each year and covering … Continue reading

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Just Playing

>We all talk about creativity and how important it is. But, how often do we really, actively, promote, model and provoke it? How often do we, or students, take risks? How often do we just play? This is just to … Continue reading

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Genre by osmosis – Waddesdon

>Just visited Waddesdon Arts College to see their exhibition – actually been twice now. Some genuinely excellent work as always, but the quality of graphics, photography and illustration was extraordinary. Many of these students will go directly to degree courses … Continue reading

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