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Education Technology Action Group – I do hope so

I guess if anyone can Stephen Heppell can. It was rather a shock to come across this after the regressive, backward looking, Govian years. But it is a real joy to see the language, creativity¬†and positive vision of the future … Continue reading

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Playing with ebooks

Just stumbled upon this interesting post about ebooks for children on  (  Really just using this post to park the information until I have time to play. Story Bird widely used story maker website. It has great templates picture bank. … Continue reading

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This has nothing to do with us – has it?

This (TEDxExeter) talk by Simon Peyton Jones is about the brand new subject of ‘computer science’. Nothing to do with art, craft and design then. But he talks about: too much focus on technology and not enough on ideas; about … Continue reading

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Animated Homework

a bigger splat OK just finished my first homework (link above) for the Adobe Generation Animation in Flash course. I’ve learned about keyframes and how to do both motion-tweening and shape tweening and loads of other stuff. It’s interesting to … Continue reading

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couldn’t resist

  Just going through some old files and couldn’t resist this yr 1 example of digital art (circa 2009)

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Assessment Paper for iPads

I have just finished my first iBook. Well, its more of an iPaper really, because it is a rewriting of an earlier paper on assessment and target setting. It started as an exercise to try out iBook Author but became … Continue reading

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We Can All Join In

Sir Ken Robinson provides the closing statement for the LWF 12 conference under the theme “leading a learning revolution”. In this reflective summary he argues that revolutions don’t come from the top but are ground up movements of people with … Continue reading

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Ken Robinson explains what Mr Gove fails to understand

Sir Ken Robinson presents a deeply intelligent and comprehensive view of the purposes, context and future of education which goes so much further than the e-Bac and Oxbridge. It is ¬†presented as part of the Learning Without Frontiers programme which … Continue reading

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Unblocking and unlocking: and catching up with students

For years it has been a recuring rant that we cant seem to find a way to use the new technologies – taken for granted by students – in classrooms to support their learning. The blocking and locking strategies used … Continue reading

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A Better BETT

I dropped into BETT earlier today (I was in London and the free bus pass for old people meant an easy bus ride to Olympia from Kensington). It was interesting to be immersed in teachers once again, but not necessarily … Continue reading

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