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Teacher assessment is less fair – discuss

Daisy Christodoulou’s blog is always interesting, and often infuriating – well she is young, right wing, a teacher and popular educational expert. But she goes for the jugular, attacks our treasured myths and bases her arguments on research not dogma. … Continue reading

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Sketchbooks: a view from art school

Art Foundation Diploma tutors at Loughborough University have produced a really interesting report describing the way they encourage students to use sketchbooks. It is also a critique of the way that they feel sketchbooks are used in schools. Their expectations … Continue reading

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On being a craftsman

I like the idea of being a craftsman. I enjoy purposeful play with materials and skills and don’t particularly aspire to inform through my personal creative work. I came across this TED talk about craft by Jogge Sundquist who works … Continue reading

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The testing industries

Sir Ken Robinson – The Education Economy from Graham Brown-Martin on Vimeo. Its good to be reminded that much of what we take for granted is driven by external vested interests and this can distort the discussion.

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Remember these?

It is an OHP (Overhead Projector) slide: we used to use them before Powerpoint was invented. I found it while clearing out the other day. The technology might be a thing of the past, but the message isn’t.

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Choosing your brick wall

I have been exploring an issue with a friend recently. It is to do with how we respond to the demands by Ofsted and schools for 4 levels of progress through KS3 and beyond. The problem for me is not … Continue reading

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Profoundly wrong

To leave art and design (the arts) out of the e-bac is profoundly wrong. It is a long standing truism that if you want to know what is valued in education, look at what is assessed. It is facile to … Continue reading

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When in doubt, reform the examination system.

‘Mr Speaker – after years of drift, decline and dumbing down, at last we are reforming our examination system to compete with the world’s best.’ With these words Mr Gove introduces his radical reforms of our examination system. To be … Continue reading

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How FFT works (video)

The other day I was going to speak about assessment at a conference. However, arrangements became confused and I was unable to get there. So I recorded and uploaded a quick version of part of the presentation to YouTube. It … Continue reading

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>It was good to see this highly crafted, strong, observational drawing permeating all work in this GCSE exhibition. Some things are just timeless. The department will once again be encouraging students to enter their work onto online exhibitions like the … Continue reading

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