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The weight of creativity

There is an intriguing twist in this simple tale. It comes from the book ‘Art and Fear’, by David Bayles and Ted Orland. At the beginning of term a ceramics teacher divided the class into two groups. He told the first group that … Continue reading

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Education Technology Action Group – I do hope so

I guess if anyone can Stephen Heppell can. It was rather a shock to come across this after the regressive, backward looking, Govian years. But it is a real joy to see the language, creativity and positive vision of the future … Continue reading

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Sharing good practice is always worth doing.

In January OFSTED published a set of papers sharing examples of good practice in art teaching. There are 12 case studies in all and they include building professional practice into GCE ‘A’ level courses, developing drawing, inspiring creativity and developing … Continue reading

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This has nothing to do with us – has it?

This (TEDxExeter) talk by Simon Peyton Jones is about the brand new subject of ‘computer science’. Nothing to do with art, craft and design then. But he talks about: too much focus on technology and not enough on ideas; about … Continue reading

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Lack of ‘imagination’

I am writing something about creativity and for background texture thought it would be interesting to see how often the word ‘creativity’ was mentioned in the National Curriculum for KS 1-4. Well it’s just 13 times and only in the subjects of … Continue reading

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On being a craftsman

I like the idea of being a craftsman. I enjoy purposeful play with materials and skills and don’t particularly aspire to inform through my personal creative work. I came across this TED talk about craft by Jogge Sundquist who works … Continue reading

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Some background reading

I have been doing some background reading for a couple of meetings next week and have been looking at this ‘Note’, or briefing paper, for a House of Lords debate on the case for arts education in schools. It really … Continue reading

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Students always…

Students always make you think and usually about important things. It was really interesting to be invited to talk to students on a PGCE course last week. It was impossible to avoid taking a sideways look at changes since I … Continue reading

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Just spotted this really interesting sketchbook crit on vimeo

Student work uncovered – Sandra Kendall from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo. Looking up some of the work of Eileen Adams for a short course I am running next week I found some really interesting stuff on the … Continue reading

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#artnatcurricKS1 #artnatcurricKS2

I was preparing a talk for some headteachers and thinking about the bottom line, the minimum entitlement, the art programme of study in a nutshell. It was hard to find the minimum prescribed content and idle speculation led to wondering … Continue reading

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