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Some background reading

I have been doing some background reading for a couple of meetings next week and have been looking at this ‘Note’, or briefing paper, for a House of Lords debate on the case for arts education in schools. It really … Continue reading

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Just spotted this really interesting sketchbook crit on vimeo

Student work uncovered – Sandra Kendall from Open College of the Arts on Vimeo. Looking up some of the work of Eileen Adams for a short course I am running next week I found some really interesting stuff on the … Continue reading

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Recommendations from the Parliamentary Committe for

This is from the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee report called ‘Supporting the creative economy’ . It recommends that creative subjects are included in the ebac – good for them. Education, skills and training 31. The broader … Continue reading

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Drawing ideas

Just noting a new resource from Paul Carney an ebook ‘Contempory Drawing Practice‘. As always with Paul’s work it is rooted in his own classroom practice and informed by a passion for the subject and years of experience as a teacher, artist … Continue reading

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The Draft National Curriculum translated

The draft national curriculum for art and design is not really very good. So here is an attempt to interpret it. In truth it need not stop you doing what you want and it does contain, hidden within it, a … Continue reading

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Book, Paper, Sculpture

Su Blackwell is leading an NSEAD CPD course 2p – 6pm at Marylebone School, London on 5th June. I love her work.

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…but is it art

Recent NSEAD facebook comments have prompted thoughts of craft, or rather the role of craft in the curriculum. The comments also drew my attention to some really excellent links and resources on the NSEAD Crafts pages. When I started teaching, … Continue reading

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Handmade Hockney

Listening to the radio and David Hockney talking about his forthcoming exhibition at the RA. Interesting to hear him talk about his ipad drawings as simply a different medium – uniquely good for some things, but not a panacea. He … Continue reading

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Idol Speculation

I hardly ever go to Aylesbury these days, but just found myself there with time to kill. In the museum I found this small, but beautifully formed, exhibition of Japanese armour from 1600 to present. Couldnt help but speculate how … Continue reading

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Warhol Revisited

Warhol at Bexhill. When I first saw Warhol’s work (Tate 1968) it was exciting, incisive and challenging. Culturally a very long way from Bexhill. Now the De la Warre gallery is showing a major exhibition of his work and it … Continue reading

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