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Senior Advisor, Art Inspector, Member of the Expert Advisory Group for Art, Consultant working with NSEAD, IOE, QCA, UCE, UOG. Currently lecturer at UCL working on a project in Kazakhstan to develop text books for a new art curriculum.

Words, lists and rubrics

Polonius: What do you read my lord. Hamlet: Words, words, words.  I have been reading some blogs about assessment. They explain, as if it is a new idea, that standards are often best defined, agreed and shared by reference to … Continue reading

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Accountability games

Assessment and data is confusing everyone, often because it is based on a lazy and silly use of data to predict and ratchet up grades. It is curious how it keeps coming back and it is the same question. Art … Continue reading

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What do we want?

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This is not about puppets

This is an experiment to see how easy it is to use Adobe Spark Pages to share ideas and information quickly and easily. The answer is very easy. The pages below took about an hour to create. However, the content … Continue reading

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<a href=””><img src=”″ alt=”Artbitz” style=”width:100%” border=”0″ /></a>

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Learning objectives are NOT enough

Wing to Heaven I do like this educational blog. It’s the sound of sacred cows falling over that appeals. It forces you to think whether it is worth helping them up again, or is it better to find some new cows … Continue reading

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Great ‘A’ Level art from St Marylebone’s School

It is always good to see what ‘A’ level students do. Here is a link to St Marylebone’s exhibition.

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Reasons to do art part 1: Creative Industries

NSEAD posted this – well good. ‘This fantastic new film explains why studying art and design and/or design & technology have value – value both in terms of learning and in terms of career choices. The film will be helpful … Continue reading

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Academies, Art Express and Abebooks

The government is set to announce the academization of every school. This means the national curriculum, certainly for all but English and Maths, is no longer compulsory. It also means, perhaps more significantly for teachers, that national conditions of service … Continue reading

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Art advocacy is important

Once again art is important because…

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