This is not about puppets

This is an experiment to see how easy it is to use Adobe Spark Pages to share ideas and information quickly and easily. The answer is very easy. The pages below took about an hour to create. However, the content drawings (and thinking) had already been done for another project (with teachers in Kazakhstan). So it was just the text to be written and the pictures to be put in place. The whole thing is done within very well defined and designed templates. This is really helpful because the design choices are limited so I didn’t spend hours deciding on formatting and just focussed on content.

This idea came from discussions with colleagues (in the ESAG) about ways that the new generation of Facebook using teachers may use new media to support sharing within a new understanding of how teacher communities work together.


About Dan

Senior Advisor, Art Inspector, Member of the Expert Advisory Group for Art, Consultant working with NSEAD, IOE, QCA, UCE, UOG. Currently lecturer at UCL working on a project in Kazakhstan to develop text books for a new art curriculum.
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