Teacher assessment is less fair – discuss

Daisy Christodoulou’s blog is always interesting, and often infuriating – well she is young, right wing, a teacher and popular educational expert. But she goes for the jugular, attacks our treasured myths and bases her arguments on research not dogma.

The latest post on her blog ‘The Wing to Heaven’ argues that the research tends to suggest that teacher assessment is inherently less fair and accurate than we fondly imagine and certainly less so than exams. Basically she argues that research indicates that teacher assessment is subject to unconscious but persistant prejudice against children already disadvantaged. Read the blog here Blog Post.

So far so interesting, and I guess and I would recommend ‘The wing to heaven‘, just because its challenging. But it does occur to me that it may add something to the debate about the gender gap in our subject. Perhaps teacher assessment is less fair and accurate, and more prone to inherent prejudice in favour of girls’ approach to the subject than we would like to believe. So does this mean we should be more open minded about exam reform?

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