Education Technology Action Group – I do hope so


I guess if anyone can Stephen Heppell can. It was rather a shock to come across this after the regressive, backward looking, Govian years. But it is a real joy to see the language, creativity and positive vision of the future being developed by the ETAG group chaired by Stephen Heppell. What is more there is attached a real school taking on the vision. Have a look at the Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy’s facebook page to get a sense of what can happen if schools are not frightened of new media ( click here IOPACA).

Here is a link to the Education Technology Action Group report. It is a really refreshing and encouraging read. There was a time when some of us believed this would all be inevitable, perhaps it still will be.

PS. I got the link to IOPACA from a Merlin John piece about the failure of schools to develop useful websites. Click here for the link to Merlin John’s article.


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