Lack of ‘imagination’

I am writing something about creativity and for background texture thought it would be interesting to see how often the word ‘creativity’ was mentioned in the National Curriculum for KS 1-4. Well it’s just 13 times and only in the subjects of art, history, computing, design and technology, and music. So no creativity in English, science, maths and the other subjects? Furthermore the word ‘imagination’ is used only 5 times, ‘judgement’ only 3 times and ‘originality’ not at all. Unsurprisingly the word ‘facts’ is mentioned 28 times.

Surely this shows a lack of imagination.


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Senior Advisor, Art Inspector, Member of the Expert Advisory Group for Art, Consultant working with NSEAD, IOE, QCA, UCE, UOG. Currently lecturer at UCL working on a project in Kazakhstan to develop text books for a new art curriculum.
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  1. I’m surprised you managed to find it mentioned as much as you did for imagination and creativity! The new curriculum is very imbalanced for arts/non-arts subjects and very imbalanced across the 4 main artforms. Drama is a main artform and barely mentioned.

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