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Students always make you think and usually about important things. It was really interesting to be invited to talk to students on a PGCE course last week. It was impossible to avoid taking a sideways look at changes since I started teaching. It probably made the talk far too self indulgent but it did reaffirm the fact that teachers probably have more freedom to decide what to do for themselves than at anytime in the last two decades. This is probably a good thing and I am rather surprised by how comfortable I feel with it. After all much of my post teaching career has been about telling (advising) teachers the answers to questions they didn’t know they had asked. When I started teaching there was virtually no information about what I should be doing (I took over a room equipped just for bookbinding). I had lots of questions but had to find my own answers: it was what made it enjoyable. I owned my own practice.

I hope today’s students will find more information available but are once again free to find their own answers.

PS the presentation notes are here 

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