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We finished an Assessment and Planning Framework for NSEAD last month. Actually there were two, one for primary and one for secondary. The primary one can be downloaded here Art Craft and Design Assessment and Planning KS 1&2 or from the NSEAD website. It was harder to do than I had thought, primarily because we had all written stuff on assessment before. But that was the problem, initial drafts were full of jargon and old clichés. It was only when we started writing from scratch paring away all the old favourite phrases that something useful emerged. Now its finished I am quite pleased with it. It seems clear and, I hope, not patronising. I’ve been doing CPD on assessment for aeons and this seems to be a good distillation of all those discussions.

The framework provides an example of how schools might work through the demise of levels and recommends a system of assessment, planning, recording and reporting which is consistent and coherent. It is based upon the four key aims of the new national curriculum. If Ofsted were even remotely interested in documentary evidence they would love it. They aren’t but it does provide the answers to their questions about how do you ensure standards are high enough.

The problem is that, now I have become attached to writing in simple sentences with clear paragraphs, I fear I may have to rewrite lots of my earlier (full fat) work.

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