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iBook coverI have just finished my first iBook. Well, its more of an iPaper really, because it is a rewriting of an earlier paper on assessment and target setting. It started as an exercise to try out iBook Author but became a complete reworking of the original materials which I think are much improved – but you may be the best judge of that.

The process was intriguing because it allows new thinking about how meaning and purpose are best presented. So the ‘conclusion’ is not a paragraph of text but an interactive quiz, another page is a slide show because the sequence of images and text seem to work better that way. It was also interesting to work out how to add a movie (actually just a bit of self indulgence in the opening page – but another lesson learned). The whole process reminded me of the early days of DTP when I had a mac and and Pagemaker and was trying to work out how meaning could be mediated by typography.

The problem with iBook Author is that it only produces material that can be read on an iPad. However, if you haven’t got one I have also exported it as a PDF. This lacks the interactivity (and the quiz) but apart from that the contents are the same ( I have inserted the slides as well).

The ibook can be downloaded from your iPad and opened in ibooks from here Target Setting and FFT.ibook. The PDF version can be downloaded here Target Setting and FFT.pdf.

Comments would be welcome.

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  1. artcrisis says:

    Excellent to have this as an iPad version Dan- you clever man!

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