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I have waited years to have the time to finally learn how to animate using Flash. Last week the garage was cleared and I now have time. This week I joined a workshop at Adobe head office with CCC students and found out that the ‘Flash Plugin’ is to be discontinued. Flash is yesterday’s technology so no need to learn it. Now where did I put my old shadow puppet materials.

Part of the day was spent in a workshop with Kim Noce (animator and film maker) looking at ‘Adobe After Effects’ and how it is used to create animations. It even has a ‘puppet tool’ which works in exactly the same way as the card shadow puppets I used to make in story-telling workshops for pupils and teachers, although cereal packets, cotton and cellotape was cheaper.

The point of this story, however, is the discussion with Kim about different approaches to the process of  making work. Kim works everything out in advance, storyboards and prepares it all before starting to animate. But it was interesting to hear her explain that the RCA advises their student to just start. How does that work as animation is such a complicated process? But, after all, that’s how I improvised the stories with shadow puppets and primary children.

“One morning a …(giraffe, fairy, guinea pig) was walking along the road. He was called …? And he was feeling …?”

Anyway it prompted me to look up the RCA animation course and below is the showreel from current students – more interesting stuff about how, and why, work is made. Do we allow students to improvise anymore?

ANIMATION from Royal College of Art on Vimeo.

click here for more RCA student animations on Vimeo

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  1. Profile photo of Dan Dan says:

    Hi Jo,
    Good to hear from you and still gently supporting the subject where I can. Sorry I missed this – and don’t seem to have a message on Facebook either. I do use it to sustain art ed. stuff (rather than family stuff).
    All best

  2. Josephine Whitfield says:

    Hi Dan –
    I posted a message on your facebook then went on to this link – glad you’re still spreading the word – very interesting interviews from the RCA students on animation. Went to the show at Bexhill too. Do you go on facebook? Looking for any advice for a friend – you may want to support his proposal on starting up studios in Aylesbury

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