(Digital) Sculpture

I do like digital sculpture which is often, but not always, projections onto sculpture (objects) providing an animated skin. This month I have seen an extraordinary animation projected across the front of the Liver Building in Liverpool and last week a charming projection of bees onto a behive in the Hastings Museum. The latter to celebrate the work of local artist Angie Biltcliffe who died recently. They make an interesting contrast in scale. But in schools with blackout in drama studios it would be interesting to see what could be done with sound, projectors and sculpture (even dance). It should be possible to map the projection to the sculpture as well as playing it on walls.

I was in Liverpool to see the Magritte and stayed to hear an open air concert and see the projection. The new sculpture at Liverpool Tate is really interesting but I found the Magritte rather silly.

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Senior Advisor, Art Inspector, Member of the Expert Advisory Group for Art, Consultant working with NSEAD, IOE, QCA, UCE, UOG. Currently lecturer at UCL working on a project in Kazakhstan to develop text books for a new art curriculum.
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