Chesham Grammar screaming quality

This is a dramatic, loud show. It is full of large, emotionally charged (shouting/screaming), portraits and faces. Photographs of faces adorned and besmirched with colour and paint are strong, confident and technically accomplished. Others contain a strong and thoughtful narrative, always demanding attention and reflection. Ideas are carefully researched and photographs elaborately set up. A quick glance at the research books shows how deeply students are delving into, and learning from, the works of professional photographers in a wide variety of genres.  The screaming head theme carries through to a huge head of wax  . This exhibition is also part of the Bucks Open Studios scheme an also was open over the weekend. There were some charming black and white videos full of mystery and loss. Rather like ‘Eau d’ Artifice‘ by Kenneth Anger in 1953.

There are more images and photographs on the school’s website gallery.

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