Holmer Green: photography and photographers

This is another art department where Photography is a developing option choice for students. The video gives a quick sense of the nature of the research done by these students for this course. You can see how one student has really explored the idea of light trails through the work of a variety of photographers and through their own photographs. The final idea is developed with a curious fusion of ideas and strategies. I wish I had had time to read through the portfolio more thoroughly. Other students’ research also shows how they have looked hard at the work of photographers from a variety of genre’s and backgrounds. This sort of research into photography as an art form and commercial practice simply would not have been seen in most schools a few years ago. (link to last year)

I guess we have now passed through the resource barrier, for these students use their own cameras and have access to Photoshop on 12 computers in the 6th form study area – and presumably many will have access to digital imaging software at home. The art department only has a couple of laptops and a digital projector.

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