Amersham: origami photos

Some really interesting ‘applied’ photos here, particularly the set that had been printed and then used for origami sculptures which were then reprocessed as photos. The set that were used as place mats were intriguing. I have seen several examples of ‘Blurb‘ being used to present portfolios, but now it is so easy to apply photos to things, I wonder if there will be some more clever ideas of how to rework digital images and bring them back into installations. I do think some of the most interesting work this year has been in mixed-media. It seems that most schools and many students are now confident in using and combining a variety of materials and this includes digital images as well as spades, tree trunks,¬†skateboards and the sound of seagulls. I guess another feature is the increasing use of textiles in response to Tracy Emin. Many shows now include at least one stitched piece.

Another thing that I noticed, and enjoyed, in this show were the very personal sets of work which were a reflection of students’ different cultural backgrounds. Explorations of Islam and other cultural references show students who are confident in themselves, their school community and their teachers. (link to last year)

It was another evening with lots of students and their parents and some really good singing from a group of (quite young students) who just got on with it. A real celebration. It was also good to see Caroline again: and her baby.

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