Dr Challoners High: aquamarine pools

I have just seen one of the most interesting pieces of work so far. Its a huge slice of tree with a pool of copper sulphate crystals at the heart of it. The idea does start from the work of Roger Hiorns but the application is entirely personal and consistent with the intense exploration of natural forms and textures. I will remember this piece for many years. There is, as always, excellent painting everywhere (link to 2009). But this year I think there is more relief work/constructions with objects and bits interwoven with images – some really intricate pieces using the detritus of machines and electronics. A set of masks is superb: delicately constructed and drawing on really interesting ideas and research. This is always a feature of this school’s work, the research and ideas are personal and significant to the student. These are important statements about serious issues. They require us to take them seriously – its more than just ‘coursework’.

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