Key Stage 3 Assessment – levels 1 and 2 updated

A picture from the Level 1 example

Last year I worked with QCDA on a programme to develop exemplar materials for assessment in art in KS3 (levels 3-7). The programme was also related to the programme to extend APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) in the core subjects. Basically this is just good assessment practice. The exemplar materials were published by QCDA in the autumn but the APP side of the programme was never published although it was completed (because of a change of government). But the APP materials have been, discretely, published on this site anyway Assessment papers.

I have written about this in earlier posts. The reason for this post is that QCDA have just added further materials which exemplify levels 1 and 2. These were not in the original set. They are really interesting with useful models of practice, good examples of assessment and examples of standards. The new materials have been published by QCDA and are worth looking at.

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