Gormley and Chalfonts at Saatchi

Just a brilliant evening and thanks to Chalfonts Community College for inviting me. Went to the private view of the Saatchi Schools Prize where James Coffey a student at CCC was in the shortlist. The work was a delightful and simple animation entitled Miracle. Following the theme of low tec but sensitive I have added my mobile phone photo of Antony Gormley announcing the prizes and praising the students and their teachers. Technically rubbish but rather Gormleyesque in a modest sort of way I thought.

We (teachers) speculated that for the rest of his life James will visit the Saatchi Gallery and privately note that his work had also hung on that wall in that spot which is currently displaying an Emin or whatever. Evenings like this make it worthwhile. Well done Chalfonts Art Department.

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