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Art Express is a complete programme of study + manual + resources for teaching art and design in each of Key Stages 1 and 2. It can be used directly as a programme of study using the termly units of work. Click here for the website. It is fully compliant with the new national curriculum, because it uses the same core aims.

A draft school policy has been prepared which incorporates all of the Art Express Units and develops an assessment system which is compatible with the current obligation on schools to develop their own assessment systems in the absence of levels. This can be downloaded from the Art Express site licence pages or here An Art and Design Policy Using Art Express. A school can use (copy and paste) this policy directly to include the Art Express programme into their policy. It may be that schools not using Art Express may find the policy an interesting example of a policy statement.

I was on the editorial board so I should declare an interest at this stage. However, I do recommend it as an excellent resource for any school or art curriculum leader looking to revise their programme of study and improve the opportunities and quality of learning in art. It also provides a good foundation of skills and techniques which will support a variety of new curriculum models and configurations.

There are six books one for each of years one to six. Each book provides everything teachers will need, including session by session guidance, plans, visual resources and notes. All termly units model good practice and they can be used as they stand or as a template for schools developing their own programme of study. Each unit illustrates the classic art learning sequence of exploration, developing skills and researching ideas as a prelude to childrens own independent creative making.

The programme provides units and guidance for each of years one to six in painting, drawing, printing, sculpture, collage and textiles, IT. It also provides good models of assessment which draw upon the key characteristics of the subject. These have been established for many years and will not change (regardless of how government rearranges legislation). If schools wish to renew their art curriculum policy and use Art Express I have developed a model policy which can be used by any school which wants to use Art Express as the programme of study.

In addition the publication provides software which will enable teachers to create and use a virtual art gallery. This will allow children to place their own work in the gallery, create a catalogue and then ‘virtually’ walk round the gallery. But it is more than this. It allows children to create virtual learning environments themselves. This is the same (OK similar) as the brilliant Google virtual galleries site where you can ‘virtually’ walk round major world galleries.

Here is an example of an Art Express Gallery.

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  2. susanna gates says:

    The link to Art Express cannot be found and I can’t find it doing a google search. Can you help please?

    • Dan says:

      Hi Susan,
      I am sorry to have taken a while to reply. It seems that Blacks have removed the supporting web page related to Art Express. However, it does seem to be still available from the Bloomsbury Group website and I have found the following link I hope this works for you. I suspect that the publisher is no longer actively promoting this publication which is, in their terms, quite old: although I feel it is still completely compatible with the current curriculum.
      Best Wishes

      • susanna gates says:

        Thanks for replying.

      • Dan says:

        Hi Susanna, You wrote a while ago about Art Express. I have just discovered that it is now readily available online from Abe Books In fact it is much cheaper from that site. The publisher is still selling individual year group books at £31 whereas I found a copy on Abe Books for £4.60. I have amended the website accordingly.
        Best wishes

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